Save Money and Time

Your business is unique.  Even other businesses in the same industry function differently.  You need a solution that serves your specific needs in your specific way, tailored to your specific team.  You need it to be affordable, and you need it soon!  

Prism Database Design, LLC will help you by designing and launching your powerful, flexible FileMaker solution.   Here's how it works:

1. Educate us.  Only you and your team understand your needs, so in this stage, you are the experts and we are the students.  We'll take notes and ask questions until you hate us a little bit, but we won't stop until we're positive we know what we need to know.

2.  The Design Phase.   The success of your solution hinges on sound design made to best practices, so bear with us -- we're going to have more questions.

3.  Build and Test, Build and Test, Build and Test.   Unlike out-of-the-box solutions, you get to dictate the final product, down to the integrations, screen appearance, team access and work flow.  To ensure your satisfaction, we work in iterations.  We complete a component, test it with you, refine as necessary, then move on to the next component.  

4.  Launch!   Once your solution -- or the first module of your solution -- is ready to fly, we'll launch it and you're in business.  Data will be captured accurately on user-friendly screens.   Tasks that took hours will take minutes!  Repetitive work will do itself with  a push of a button.  You'll be able to pull detailed reports instantly, allowing you to strategize in real time.