Why PDD?

It makes everyone smile.  Widely.  While all looking the same direction.  It's not creepy.

Character.  You are relying on us to provide the best application at the least possible cost.  There are larger companies and flashier companies, but we measure ourselves in integrity and professionalism. 

Experience.  The combined experience of our developers means that we've probably seen your challenge before.  No matter who your primary developer is, our team makes a point of brain-storming to find the shortest path to concrete success.

Creativity.  We have the analytical skills to understand your specific needs, bring the best tools to the table and synthesize it into a clean, robust solution.

Communication Skills.  The best application in the world will do you no good if it doesn't address your particular needs.  Our first step is to listen.  Then we proceed to listen.  And, finally, as we finish each phase, we commence to listen.  Throughout, we will communicate our progress and no doubt ask many questions.  Then we will listen to your answer.

Professionalism.   We are all professionals who have long success working in corporate environments.  When we're working for you, we honor the culture and standards of your organization. 

Expertise.  Our developers have the experience and proficiency to design a secure, consistent, durable and robust application that will serve your needs.  Your primary developer will be certified (if you're not familiar with FileMaker, that's a big deal) and continually advancing their knowledge.  

Collaboration . . .